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Adult & Family Programs

At Culture Encounters, we believe in fostering cultural understanding and appreciation at every stage of life. Our carefully curated adult programs are designed to provide immersive and enriching experiences that go beyond traditional cultural encounters. Join us on a journey of exploration and connection through the following key components:

1) Eat.Talk.Connect. (Adults)

Experience the rich tapestry of cultures through our international restaurant visits. Whether you’re an individual seeking a solo adventure, a group looking for a unique outing, or a work team aiming for team building, our restaurant visits offer more than just a culinary experience.

– Culinary Immersion: Meet with chefs, learn about their cuisines, and hear their immigration stories for a true cultural immersion.
– Entertainment: Enjoy live musical performances, poetry readings, and other cultural elements that elevate your dining experience.
– Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, creating opportunities for meaningful conversations and new connections.

– Culinary Explorations: Dive into diverse cuisines, savoring flavors from around the world.
– Cultural Entertainment: Immerse yourself in live performances that enhance the overall dining experience.
– Social Connection: Engage in conversations with chefs and fellow participants, fostering a sense of community.

2) Conversations that Connect: Bridging Cultural Divides (Adults)

Engage in thought-provoking discussions through our Conversations that Connect series. Carefully curated experiences where participants listen and connect with panelists on moderated conversations about topics that bridge cultural divides.

– Diverse Perspectives: Gain insights into diverse cultural perspectives, promoting understanding and acceptance.
– Meaningful Conversations: Participate in conversations that encourage open dialogue and connection.
– Community Building: Contribute to creating a community that values cultural diversity and inclusivity.

– Moderated Discussions: Explore cultural topics in a structured and open environment.
– Audience Engagement: Connect with panelists and fellow participants through interactive discussions.
– Cultural Appreciation: Deepen your understanding of different cultures through shared experiences and stories.

3) Curated Family Experiences: Where Culture Comes Alive

Immerse yourself in carefully curated family experiences, including exhibitions, performances, and other engaging cultural activities. These events are designed for individuals and families seeking shared cultural experiences.

– Family Bonding: Share meaningful cultural experiences with your loved ones.
– Educational: Learn about different cultures through exhibitions, performances, and interactive activities.
– Memorable Moments: Create lasting memories through unique cultural events.

– Family-Friendly Activities: Engage in activities suitable for all ages, fostering a sense of togetherness.
– Cultural Showcases: Experience the vibrancy of different cultures through performances and exhibitions.
– Inclusive and Accessible: Events suitable for everyone, ensuring an enriching experience for the whole family.

Join us for an upcoming event or invite Culture Encounters to your group for a customized cultural experience. Let’s explore, connect, and celebrate the beauty of diversity together.